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JP 8 Fuel

Specialty Fuels & Logistics


What products do we stock? Honestly,  in our warehouse we have 2 products: JP 8 fuel, military grade jet fuel and 100% racing methanol. 

What products can we get?  We can track down most anything, but our specialty is petroleum based products. We have nearly 47 years experience in finding those hard to get products.

What products do you want to get rid of?  We can help you there too!


Do you have a hard time finding someone to help you at times?  We have found that too and it shouldn't be that hard!  We understand your frustration when you found out at 3 pm that engineering needs a special order product and...oh yeah, they need it yesterday!!!  We feel the pain and will help you to the best of our abilities!

We offer JP 8 fuel, diesel fuel and kerosene along with other testing fuels.