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                  Eldora Speedway 5/24/2015

New Specialty Fuels & Logistics Logo on decals for 2018 racing season.  Also used on t-shirts and sweatshirts!

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Specialty Fuels & Logistics ​(EWRS)

Methanol is a chemical compound that is the simplest alcohol and is a light, volatile, colorless, flammable, poisonous liquid with a distinctive odor.

Both methanol and ethanol burn at lower temperatures than gasoline, and both are less volatile, making engine starting in cold weather more difficult.  Using methanol as a fuel in spark ignition engines can offer an increased thermal efficiency and increased power output (as compared to gasoline) due to its high octane rating.

Methanol is hydroscopic, meaning it will absorb water vapor directly from the atmosphere.  Because absorbed water dilutes the fuel value of the methanol and may cause phase seperation of methanol-gasoline blends, containers of methanol fuels must be kept tightly sealed.  For our full Methanol Fact Sheet, contact us!

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Our race fuels are no ordinary blend!  Our race fuels incorporate the best petrochemical technology that will give you a performance edge while protecting your engine.  

We have racing fuels for all types of racing, from the oval to the strip, from asphalt to dirt, from the air to water or land!  We can cover you! 


JP-8 (also designated by NATO as F-34) was developed to be less volatile and explosive than JP-4.  In 1996, the USAF completed conversion from JP-4 to JP-8 fuel.  It also contains a full additive package including a corrosion inhibitor, anti-icing and anti-static compounds.  Optional additives are an anti-oxidant and a metal


JP-8 Jet Fuel

JP 8 Fuel available at...

Specialty Fuels & Logistics


Specialty Fuels & Logistics is the new product division of Environmental Waste & Recovery Service, Inc. (EWRS) which is a hazmat industrial waste hauler.  We specialize in testing fuels like JP 8 fuel and diesel fuels and kerosene.  We offer personal service, helping our customers find hard to get products and get them delivered where and when they need them.  Our area of expertise is in the aviation and racing industry, shipping anywhere in North America.